Applying an appropriate retail management system is one of strategic approach to retailers. Besides providing customer management which brings long-term value to their business. Retail Solution software provides a high quality management of Retail Shops.


1.Software provides number of product available in all items.

2. It also includes when the product was purchased from whom. Software provides additional details like :

  • Number of products available in racks.
  • Number of products available as stack.
  • Number of products sold.
  • Total amount of sold products.
  • Amounts of available products.
  • Provides details of least available Products.
  • Products details based on categories.
  • Ratio of Company growth.
  • 3. Provides printing facility

    4. Software includes barcode reader to read the product cost.


    1. Retail management software will provide details on current item stock and identify additional stock required to smoothly operate the business.

    2. Then retailers place proper purchase orders, thus avoiding surplus, and minimizing waste

    3. Easy to use software for retailing businesses to track sales, inventory and customer information

    4. Reports can be viewed for stock, sale, fast moving items etc..

    5. Manage Retail information in daily or timely manner effectively.